Pubblicato da: FVM | luglio 19, 2014

Why no sunglasses, Japan?

Why me ? But why not !

Mike Free 27

384763bf Exile Atsushi, usually seen donning shades, wants to change his image. The crew of Shabekuri 007 helps him out.

The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence. – Jiddu Krishnamurti

The desire for meaning that makes us ask “why” prevents us from practicing what J. Krishnamurti calls the highest form of intelligence, observing without evaluating. When I think about the motivation behind the “why” it often seems like a weak portion of my psyche that needs that “why” like an alcoholic needs a bottle of Jack Daniels. It’s the ego.

The ego that wants to feel significant. The ego that doesn’t care about the creative process and wants to repeat things mechanically so that it can reproduce the feeling of significance. “Why” sounds a lot like “I” and “whine”.

Let me tell you a story to show you what I mean.

Today, I met someone, let’s…

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